Finally the long wait is over. I am on my way home now and my 12 days break has officially started. Yep, I took a leave for the remaining working days next week and the first two days of next year. I broke my personal rule of not being absent on the first working day of the New Year. I guess this is the first time but I’m not guilty coz I know I deserve this break. Anyway, enough of that.Below is list of what’s in store for this break. I hope I can accomplish most, if not all.

  • Shop for Christmas gifts for nieces and nephew.
  • Have medical and dental check up. My back is bothering me for a week now. I thought it was because of my hectic schedule during the past two weeks but the two days SL did not quite help. I still feel it until now. Also, my wisdom tooth is not growing smoothly. I think some gums have to be removed.
  • Read books. I have so many backlogs already.
  • Scout for banks to transfer Baguio ATM. BDO has increased its maintaining balance to 5k. I think that’s too much.
  • Prepare 2007 budget and master plan
  • Bond with family
  • Meet with friends
  • Take pictures
  • Write some more
  • Apply for SSS ID
  • Go to NBI for clearance
  • Watch TV
  • Sleep
  • Visit bell church
  • Document text messages
  • Look for school works for e-compilation

It’s a long list but I’ll try to accomplish most of it.

By the way, I guess it’s already official. I am promoted to SSE. I am only waiting for the promotion papers. I’ll write more of this soon.
We are now in EDSA and it’s pretty much the opposite of what I have expected. No traffic yippee! Maybe because it’s already almost 3 AM. But I think there are also lesser people now going home to their provinces as compared to previous years. Anyway, I am just glad to be going home. My beloved Baguio here I come. 🙂