We visited Uncle Arthur’s family this morning and the kids are all grown up. I only saw Steiner and Griener. Marjorie is with her Aunt Kate at Cervantes. They were my babies when I stayed with them during my third year in college, which was 7 years ago. I am happy with the way they are slowly learning things like doing some household chores and taking care of themselves. I remember before that everything was done for them. I prepare their food. I even feed the youngest one. I am happy to see that now, they are the ones doing those things already. Steiner is already mature for his age. He listens to advises, he realizes his mistakes and knows how to say sorry. I am happy that he’s growing to become a fine adult. He’s planning to enter PMA coz he wants to be a pilot. Greiner on the other hand is still a kid but growing up fast. I got a hug from him when he saw me. I pray that he will also grow up to be a responsible young man.