I have ended 2005 and welcomed 2006 in the office. I had to go to work for the year end conversion. This is my first time to be spending New Year here in Manila and I don’t like it that much. I don’t feel safe because of the firecrackers you hear all around and there’s thick smoke! I miss Baguio. It’s much peaceful there. I hope this year I won’t have to do year end conversion again.

I am happy with how my 2005 went. There were no serious problems that I wasn’t able to handle. I got to learn new things, I got promoted, I got my MCP certification, was able to save a little, I bought my PC and there’s SM too :=). I made friends with new officemates, still friends with my ICOF, was able to visit a new place (Romblon, courtesy of Fides and Weng :=) ). For all of these and for all the other blessings, I am forever grateful to our Almighty Father and to all the people, who in one way or the other have touched my life.
I wish that 2006 would be a better year still. I hope that whatever challenges that come along, I can handle it with grace and confidence.