Part 2 of the long break is almost over…almost but not yet hehe. Anyway, I think I was able to do most of what’s in my itinerary during these breaks. Productive kahit paano.

I talked to my sister Judy today and she was borrowing money. She has UTI daw. I don’t know what caused it. I also encouraged her to continue her studies. I am willing to provide for her tuition but then she should really think about it first if she really wanted to. Time and money will be wasted if in the end, it’s not what she likes after all. I just really hope she will see education as important so she would have more edge and will be able to apply for jobs.

I also talked with Auntie Gina about stuff. We had a really good laugh about the joke I sent her hahaha. Oh I can’t put it here. It’s a green joke :). I shared to her my little knowledge about investing money. It was good to know that she’s also interested. I wish I can also share this with my family. Hopefully too, by next year, I can start investing some of my bonus in one of those investment opportunities. Hay…sana!

Tita feels like going out today but I had to pass coz I’m on tipid mode hehe. Actually, I really am. What with the upcoming holidays, I have to save enough. Well, there’s the bonus but I don’t really like to spend that if I can avoid it. And besides, I’m saving for my PDA! Yehey!!!